let there be light

It’s funny (or not) how sometimes you just let things slide because, well, who knows really? This has been the situation here at casa az for awhile. Ever since I bought one of those big “last forever” LED bulbs at IKEA for the kitchen and it proceeded to malfunction (I think because of the weight, disconnecting the existing fixture, recipe for a short circuit, FIRE AND DEATH). So I haven’t been using the overhead kitchen light for (srsly) months, because I can’t bring myself to dangle atop a tall rickety ladder and see what’s going on up there. Meanwhile, been using the over-the-cooker-fan-thingy-light in the kitchen which is 1) inadequate beyond belief and 2) blows out every couple of months.

Then there’s the bathroom, which has a light fixture over the mirror that has never worked properly, and has a tendency to blow out one of the two bulbs almost moments after it’s been replaced. Though I did dangle precariously atop my rickety ladder awhile back to finally replace the bulb in the bathroom ceiling fixture. So that works now, but it’s attached to the fan and makes too much noise. And I still need an over the mirror light.

Finally, there’s my rooftop terrace. Which has NEVER had a working light outside, even though there are wires hanging out of a hole in the wall – the very place for one to be installed!

Can I tell you? It’s been almost five years since I moved in here. Without an outdoor light on my effing terrace – the one that people always envy, the one I barely use other than to dry my clothes.

I don’t know what’s happened to me. Back in my old place I was always dangling off ladders performing various feats of DIY, simply because I couldn’t afford to have someone come in to do it for me. And I didn’t even mind doing it (much), just got the job done and all that. So how I ended up without a working ceiling light in my kitchen for MONTHS is beyond me.

Anyhow, that is all about to change when Manolo the Handyman shows up here tomorrow morning. Can’t wait.