my hoodI remember thinking how much I was going to miss my old barrio (Santa Cruz) when, back in January 2011, I was forced to move away from the street I’d called home for over 17 years. And then I happily discovered that my new barrio La Alfalfa was actually quite vibrant and homey (though I also unhappily discovered that my street is “too vibrant” with late night bars).

As time went by I realised that I was in fact between two barrios, the Alfalfa and Encarnación (where that wonderful waffly clump of “mushrooms” is), and now I can’t think of a better area to live in Sevilla. Being in the official centre of town everywhere (or at least everywhere I usually go) is pretty much a ten-minute walk away. And my apartment is spacious and bright. So, I couldn’t be happier. I think about all this now as I once again consider moving. There are lots of reasons for doing this, but there’s also no rush, so next move I plan to tick ALL the boxes on my list. Which now will include not leaving my ‘hood, or at least not going too far from it. When was the last time you moved?