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My darling boy started feeling poorly late Friday evening when all of a sudden he vomited what looked like his entire day’s cat food intake. But of course, cats vomit all the time for all kinds of reasons, so I wasn’t too concerned at first. The next day he ate well, but when I got back from shopping I saw that he had thrown up his breakfast (all over the freshly washed sofa cover!). Meanwhile, I had bought some malt extract while out, thinking that if he had something blocking him (though it’s not really hairball season) then it might help let it pass through naturally. Next day things hadn’t changed and I realised that by then my choice was to either look for an emergency vet service or wait until after Christmas. Since Loki still had an appetite and looked more sad than sick, I decided to wait and either go to a vet I already know, or try out a place I’d noticed in my new hood (even though on their website the Team all look about 12 years old). I thought if they were good then it would be fabulous to have a trusted vet a short walk away.

So this morning I first went over to their clinic on my own, to have a chat with the vet and check the place out a bit before bringing Loki in – and thank god I did. It’s mostly a dog grooming place and all the services they offer on the website (xrays, biopsies, ultrasound, etc) are done at another vets. Rude 12-year-old receptionist said the vet wasn’t in and didn’t seem to know anything so I hightailed it out of there and called the other vet, Begonia. Will be going over there in an hour. Fingers crossed for Loki… I’ll update this when I get back.

I’m back! Just a quick update because I am totally wiped out after lugging a 7 kilo screaming Loki to and from the vet’s (though he was good as gold while there) and I have to work this evening, so I really need to relax for awhile. And so briefly… they think it’s acute gastroenteritis. He’s on a treatment now for the next week, but if he hasn’t improved by Thursday the vet wants to see him again on Friday to do a blood test. I was all for doing the blood test today but Eva said she preferred to take things one step at a time, because given his symptoms, she felt it was unlikely Loki has any of the things they would be testing for. So I calmed down and let her do her job. Anyhow, more mañana. I need to go put my feet up and nurse my cold for the rest of the afternoon. Thanks for your kind thoughts! xx