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So it was almost two months ago that I talked about getting a professional pedicure, but then I bought the foot sander gizmo and thought that would be good enough. Also, I wasn’t sure where to go. Then yesterday evening I was out for a walk and remembered that when Elaine was here last year she mentioned having had a wonderful pedi at El Corte Inglés. So I headed over there and as luck would have it, there was one spare appointment open. And it was great.

Gotta admit that with the foot sander I am taking better care of my heels, but cuticles, etc were still a mess. Not a problem! They use an eensy little sander on those (and it didn’t hurt a bit Ann!). The best part was the massage before putting on about a centimetre thick whack of nail stuff. She even painted on fake toenails on my baby toes (which basically have no nails) which I thought was a nice touch. I could see myself getting a bit addicted to pedis, but they’re a bit expensive, so I might wait and have just one more late summer, since I wear sandals until the end of October here. Also… new sandals!