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When I bought my first ever Smart TV three years ago, I actually wasn’t that smart about how smart a Smart TV was supposed to be. At the time I was mostly keen on having the (then) novel option of having a television with WIFI and found one on sale that seemed to fit the bill. And it did, although once I got it home I regretted not opting for a bigger screen. I went from 32 to 39, which wasn’t really that much bigger. But it was fine, and I was happy with it, until about a year or so ago when I started having problems with the sound. It just suddenly stopped. Then would start up again. Then stop again. And that has basically been the situation for about a year and a half. I never know when I turn on my TV if I will have sound, or how long it will take to “click in” again.

Since this problem happened outside the two-year warranty, well, it was either pay to see if it could be fixed, then hope it would be fixed, or just wait it out to see if it would fix itself. I’ve been opting for the latter, but it’s just getting on my nerves already. Also, I’m pretty sure that the day will come when the sound doesn’t ever magically come on again… and I don’t want that day to be when I can’t get a good deal and end up buying something in a fit of desperation.

I know… I can watch TV on my laptop, except… nah.

So anyhow… just ordered this baby online and a couple of hefty guys should be delivering it soon. 50 inch, new this year (2018) and fully whatevered. You can see that I have been studying all this tech shit carefully…