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Following the lovely pre-Christmas Eve family dinner on Monday was an actual Christmas Eve dinner, this time with the family of my pal Jota (owner of La Chalá and Lola por Diós), and our friend Esteban (Vermutería Yo Soy Tu Padre) and his mother. When I arrived Jota was busy in the kitchen – he prepared the entire meal on his own – so I chatted with his parents and other family and friends while we waited for Esteban and Tanya to arrive. Everyone was so charming and friendly… and as it turned out most of them are originally from Galicia.

As you can see, it really was a feast. Not showing are the four thousand desserts and endless bottles of wine… I ended up rolling home around 2.30 and was far from chipper on Christmas morning. But it was another wonderful family gathering. I think this has been my best ever Christmas in Sevilla!

Fabulous feast!

My boys! Jota & Esteban ❤