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Remember yesterday’s mini-rant about seeing so many people in the streets still not wearing masks? Well, as of tomorrow it will be obligatory to wear a mask in all public indoor spaces, as well as outdoor spaces where it isn’t possible to keep two metres apart. That last bit spells trouble though… srsly, you’d think the government would know better by now than to give us options.

What I noticed yesterday was that, even in wider streets and in squares, people still weren’t being careful enough with “social distancing”. Meanwhile, most of the streets in the old centre of town are barely two metres wide, making it impossible to keep a safe distance apart. Add to that the fact that wearing a mask is uncomfortable as fuck, especially in The Heat, I am predicting mask mayhem. Entitled selfish assholes will start bleating about their Freedom and Rights, there will be protests, more pot banging bullshit.

Me? I almost suffocated yesterday wearing my mask. But I learned that I shouldn’t go out there when it’s 33º without a cloud in the sky. Duh. Not that difficult. The main problem is that people want things to go back to the way it was before and they have yet to accept that it just ain’t gonna happen. Nothing is ever going to be the same again. They also have yet to cotton on to the reality that you don’t just get freedom and rights handed to you for nothing, they come with obligations and responsibilities attached, and one would hope with some respect for those who came before us, and including today’s frontline heroes, who have made and continue to make much greater sacrifices than simply wearing a fucking mask. Honestly, I get so tired of people sometimes. Not you guys though.  🙂

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