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me and my kiplings

Those who know me know how much I love my Kiplings. They are not only cute and colourful, they’re also practical with lots of clever pockets all over the place. But best of all… THEY ARE WASHABLE. Yep, just toss these babies in the washing machine and they come out fresh and clean and can air dry within a couple of hours. So that’s what I did this past weekend when I realised I’d be putting the two summer bags (green and red) away and using just the purple one for the winter.

Since Covid being able to wash handbags has become more than just a convenience, though even before I would get grossed out thinking about old leather bags that never get cleaned on the inside, so I stopped buying them years ago. I feel the same way about leather gloves… ewww. In fact, saw some leather gloves on display in a shop the other day and wondered who would even wear those now, unless they also wore disposable latex gloves inside them. Yeah I know, it’s not easy being me. 😉

ps.  took me half an hour to untangle all the straps…