somosdebarras“Sorry for the inconvenience,
we are doing the impossible to open as soon as possible”

Since Sunday we have been put back into a State of Emergency, which apparently will last through to next May, though it’s not a total lockdown like in March and the situation will be reviewed every two weeks. This time there is a curfew between 11 pm and 6 am, which means bars and restaurants had to start shutting at 10 pm from last Sunday evening. We were told that regional governments (we have 17 of them) would have the option to move the curfew start time one hour either way.

And so while we were waiting for the first two weeks to pass and everyone was busy complaining about not being able to go out LIKE WE USED TO (I soooo want to just slap these people) we found out on Wednesday that beginning today (Friday) various municipalities throughout Spain would be shut in, meaning there would be no travel allowed in or out save for the following exceptions: to work, study, receive medical care, or care for a family member.

This of course is due to a sharp increase in infections and illness in these areas and it is also hoped to prevent a surge of travellers all over the place during the next long holiday weekend, which is coming right up. This situation will be reviewed on November 9th and the restrictions will be reassessed.

Meanwhile France and Germany have imposed much stricter lockdowns across their entire countries (none of this leaving it up to regional governments crap) and yeah, it’s harsher because bars and restaurants once more have to close. But from what I’ve understood they are also being compensated for having to shut down again, which isn’t something that has happened here.

Back in Spain it’s pretty clear what the deal is for the province of Sevilla (Sevilla is one of 8 provinces in the region of Andalucía). The curfew and no travelling outside the municipality unless you are one of the exceptions. Within Andalucía three other provinces are also shutdown (Granada, Jaén and Córdoba) which means three others are not (Almería, Cádiz and Huelva). Well, unless things have changed again, which they seem to be doing not just daily but hourly.

It gets a bit complicated for people living in the province of Sevilla though, because we actually have 105 different municipalities and some might be just across the street from each other, but unless it’s for work or study or a medical emergency THOU SHALL NOT PASS. So if your favourite bar, supermarket or jogging park is a five minute walk from your house but falls under the jurisdiction of the municipality next door… sorry, you can’t go there.

I’m not bothered much about the curfew because I can’t remember the last time I went out after 11 pm and happily my municipality – THE CITY OF SEVILLA – has everything I need. I can even still take my river walks. So I’m okay with waiting out these ten days. I’m mostly upset for my friends in the hospitality industry. Watching them struggle these past few months to rebuild their businesses within the Covid restrictions has been both heartbreaking and awe inspiring, because man, some of them are going at this with everything they’ve got. I hope they will be okay.

And as for me… yep, still no work. Looks like my private sherry tastings won’t be happening anytime soon. And now a state of emergency until at least next May?? I am so fucked.