saving christmas

Sent to me my my lovely friend Pilar and really it says it all. Even if you aren’t a believer (I am not, but I am a lover of Christmas), I think the true meaning of Christmas is the same for many of us. We don’t need the parties, meeting up with friends and family to feel Christmas alive in our hearts, to feel genuine love and compassion for others, and to share that with others albeit virtually. Translation below…

I don’t know who invented the phrase “Save Christmas” and honestly I am a little tired of hearing it and reading it on social media, I would like to say that Christmas is not being saved because Christmas “IS”.
It is a space of time that for those of us who believe in God which has a meaning of Hope, Faith and Love, we live this time with the hope that the world will become more human and more caring. This year it will be different, the dinners, parties, meetings will be different, perhaps we cannot share it with all our relatives but our love towards them will remain the same.
We must wish that each heart remains in this life, that not one more leaves us, we must SAVE LIVES not Christmas because Christmas will live and will continue to live each day in every one of us.