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So this was lovely! Got a surprise Christmas care package this evening from my friends Anne & Paul in Jerez. Anne had heard my plea for mince pies a while back (a situation somewhat alleviated by my first panettone). But I am happy to have festive breakfasts until the New Year. Anyhow, as you can see there are some Walkers mince pies, what looks like it might be Anne’s famous Christmas cake wrapped in foil, a jar of homemade kumquat, vanilla and cream sherry marmalade and I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT’S IN THE BOX. Oh, and there was also a copy of the November Decanter (with my Málaga article). Plus a pretty card and it all looks even extra festive with a background of my Mallorca wines (which I still haven’t opened – just don’t know where to start!).

Thank you Anne and Paul! What a lovely Christmas surprise. We’ll have to have a zoom drink with Tomoko over the holidays. xx