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another year

Remember the good old days (last March) when we thought this would all be over by the summer? Well yesterday I checked back in with my GP to ask if there was any update about the Covid vaccinations in Sevilla. As in WHEN THE FUCK WERE WE GOING TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT WHEN WE’D BE GETTING THEM. And he said, nope. Nobody knows nuthin. Not even him. There is no programme in place for letting the public know when they will be able to get vaccinated.

This is so disheartening. Especially when it seems like our government, while totally fucking up vaccine distribution, is probably going to be promoting tourism – and more contagion – this summer. Because you know the whole Let’s Save Christmas thing went so well, with a (predictable) massive spike in new cases and deaths mid-January. Why not Save Summer and kill more disposable people too? Honestly, I despair.

It truly looks at this point that there will be nothing even closely resembling “our old lives” until next spring. Because, a bit like painting the Forth Bridge, once everyone is vaccinated, they are going to have to start all over again with the next round (which will hopefully run more smoothly).

Meanwhile? Well, do you have any plans? Other than NOT going on holiday?