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Renovarse o morir! Reinvent yourself or die. Look what I just got from my lovely friend Delia. A few years ago Delia worked with me on my We Love Tapas project, then she became an accredited official tour guide and branched out into more historical tours (history is one of her many passions). Another of her passions is art and being creative, and she never stopped taking courses in drawing and painting. And she is really very good. But of course it’s hard to make a living by art alone, so she continued with her tours. Until Covid. When pretty much everyone’s livelihoods (and especially those working in tourism) went belly up.

Well it turned out that this was just the push Delia needed to start thinking beyond the obvious and hitherto easier ways to make a living, and once again she started to focus on her art. Within a few months she came up with Printbow, creating hand-crafted items (handbags, totes, tablecloths, aprons, etc) all printed by Delia herself with designs she has created, and she also sews everything herself from home. I was in love with this concept from the start and was really in awe of Delia for turning her life around, and probably ending up where she has always wanted to be. Honestly, this woman is amazing.

And so I was surprised yesterday by this gorgeous tomato tote bag. A gift from Delia (she knew it was my favourite). As you can see, it rolls up into a tidy easy-to-carry in your handbag size. And then it unrolls into this beautiful work of art that you can use to carry your shopping home. If you’re in Spain do get in touch with Delia to see all that she has to offer. Or if you have a business and want a special logo print made up, Delia is your girl. This is just the beginning, I see Delia and her business taking off not just because of her beautiful designs but also because of who she is. Honest, straightforward and caring. I’m lucky to know her.