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Yesterday it was Peter’s (@SevillaEnglish) turn to get his first jab. But unlike me (my first one was on April 12th) he had to go out to the Olympic Stadium for his. Mine was at my local health centre and I was in and out in five minutes. Well, with the fifteen minute waiting period afterwards in case of an allergic reaction. But Peter’s was one of the Vacunación Masiva programs they have going on, and it doesn’t get much more massive than at this stadium. I’d actually never been there before because why would I have? It’s at the hellish far end of the Cartuja island, the saddest and most desolate part of town since EXPO ’92 finished. So the plan was to taxi over there and then walk back to civilisation. Ironically Peter lives about two minutes away from our health centre (we go to the same one).

Quite unexpectedly, despite the huge number of people filing into the stadium when we arrived, Peter also got his jab within five minutes, then we waited the required 15 extra ones, then we were out again. Very efficient. Gotta say I’m a bit envious though. Peter got Pfizer, which means his second jab will be in 3 weeks. Since I got AstraZeneca the waiting time between jabs is longer (10-12 weeks) so I won’t get my second one until July 1st. Oh well.

The walk back into town wasn’t that long, maybe 40 minutes or so, but it was so fucking bleak walking through the old EXPO site, as it always is. It was also fucking hot! About 33º by that time of day, so by the time we were back over the river we headed to the Alameda for a much needed and much deserved COLD BEER at El Disparate. Today Peter reported no side effects other than a sore arm. More news as it happens.

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