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So this was fun. I was finally able to unpack all the goodies I received on Tuesday and prepare for the online sherry tasting and pairing. Trust me, it was no small feat keeping the cats away from the tuna and cheese snacks. When the zoom started I moved everything to a small table beside my desk and

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If you like you can watch the video of it below. I’m very happy they didn’t call on me to comment! And you can also see a list of the wines we tried and the food that was paired with them.

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La Gitana – Hidalgo La Gitana

Highly aromatic La Gitana has a yeasty nose of apples, lemons and almonds. Crisp and refreshing, with a hint of the Atlantic sea breeze, this flavourful sherry is a terrific apéritif.

Mojama de atún rojo salvaje de almadraba – HERPAC – Barbate
Tartar de Algas de Sur Algas – Vejer


Pando – Williams & Humbert

Fino Pando is an expressive, harmonious and clean wine. On the nose, it is intense, with dried fruits and yeast notes that stand out. In the mouth, it is dry, full-bodied and a surprisingly fresh finish.

Bacoreta de almadraba encebollada – Gadira – Barbate
Queso Payoyo curado en manteca de cerdo ibérico – Villalunega del Rosario


Monteagudo – Delgado Zuleta

Bright amber colour, displays potent notes of dried fruit and wood, and outstanding notes of almond and hazelnut. On the palate it is very dry and complex, highlighted by its wide-ranging flavor and persistence.

Espinacas con garbanzos – Conservas SENRA – Sanlúcar
Queso Tomme El Bucarito de leche cruda de cabra – Rota


Encontrado – Sánchez Romate

Very expressive aromatic but also quite elegant. Lovely hints of varnished exotic wood and beeswax. Also toasted hazelnuts and pecan nuts, roasted coffee beans, orange peels, raisins and a touch of burnt brown sugar. Intense, with dried fruits and a peppery note as well as a big salty side. Figs, caramel and dark chocolate, alongside exotic spice and an array of nutty notes. High acidity which nicely balances the glyceric side, which again rounds it off and brings along the slightest hint of sweetness.

Paté de berenjenas esparragás – Conservas Cantizano – Paterna
Queso Fontanal de leche cruda de cabra – Rota


Harveys Bristol – Fundador

On the nose delicate, fruity, fresh and aromatic with notes of raisins and hints of caramel. On the palate smooth, creamy and elegant higlighting the fruitiness of the PX and the evolved vinosity of the Oloroso.

Alfajores de Medina – Aromas de Medina – Medina Sidonia

Picos artesanos y Regañás – Distintivos de Calidad – Medina Sidonia