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vet day

So back in January when Loki’s left upper incisor fell out, I took him to the vet’s and thankfully there were no complications. But I mentioned to Eva that Loki had been drinking more water than usual lately and she told me to keep an eye on his water consumption and come back to have a blood test done to check for kidney issues if it continued. And well, with three cats it’s pretty much impossible to know which one is drinking how much, so I put it out of my mind but it was still kind of niggling back there. My Sunny died of kidney failure so I am aware of the signs, and Loki actually tends to splash more water out of the bowl than he drinks, but I finally decided better to be safe than sorry. Anyhow a cat of Loki’s years (12 now) should be getting a regular annual check up, and so today was the day.

I made the appointment on Monday and have spent the entire week dreading this morning. First of all, for a blood test Loki had to go without having eaten for about 12 hours and so when they said I could come in at noon I said “Noooo, can it be earlier please? As early as possible?” and they gave me the first appointment of the day, at 10.00. Which was still bad enough as the cats are used to having breakfast around 6 am. So to avoid a breakfast frenzy I hid out in my bedroom until it was almost time to leave and told Peter to do the same. Because the minute one of us is up and doing stuff like making coffee, the cats go nuts and start howling for brekky and I really couldn’t put up with that for more than the 20 minutes it would take me to get up, get dressed, stuff Loki into the carrier and be off.

Loki actually allowed himself to get stuffed without too much complaint, and mostly looked confused when I shut the carrier door. Then I quickly put out food for the girls, grabbed Loki, and went to meet Peter who was waiting for me in the stairway. And omg, the second I walked out of the apartment Loki started screaming bloody blue murder. I mean, I knew this would happen BECAUSE IT ALWAYS DOES and that’s why I was dreading today, but I was still taken aback not only by the sheer volume but by the intensity of the pathos and variety of moans, shrieks and howls emanating from the carrier.

Needless to say this always draws a lot of attention while walking down the street to the taxi stand. A LOT of attention. And then I way over-tip the taxi drivers who have had the misfortune to be next in line when I turn up with my non-stop howling beast. Though I do think it’s harder on me than them. Whatevs.

Once at the vet’s today, as usual, Loki was good as gold. He let Eva poke and prod him, listen to his heart, check his ears and eyes, wrench open his jaws to have a good look inside his mouth and then it was time to shave his leg and draw the blood. Apparently some cats have to be sedated to have this done, but I cuddled Loki close to me while Eva shoved the needle in and he didn’t even wince, my brave boy (I winced!). I should get the results on Monday and of course am hoping his water habit is just a “thing” and not a SOMETHING.

Long story just a bit longer… as soon as Loki got home it was WHERE’S BREAKFAST??? He was perky as could be, so happy to be home (screamed all the way back until we entered the building – even from downstairs Loki knew he was home again and he finally shut the fuck up). And so while Loki is fine, at least for now, I feel like a wrung out dish rag. Thank goodness for the kindness of patient taxi drivers and for a flat mate who can carry 7 kilos of cat so that I don’t have to. 🀞