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taking a break

Honestly Morcilla has been so good about resigning herself to the DREAD CONE. She has only slipped it off once when I wasn’t home and Peter got it back on her again. But everyone needs a break now and then, so every couple of days I’ve been taking the cone off, giving it a good hot soapy wash, and letting Morcilla roam unfettered for an hour or so. Of course under my watchful eye so she won’t scratch at her stitches. And the first thing she wants to do is groom herself. Even though I’ve been wet-combing her to get dust and whatnot off her coat she still wants to cover herself in cat spit. Which is a mystery that I have never solved. How is it that cats have pretty vile breath (if you get up close) but after slathering cat gob all over themselves they smell fresh as a spring morning?

So we have another week of camping out in my room at night with the door closed so Morcilla doesn’t get into any trouble. I reckon if she can put up with the damn cone then I can put up with being shut inside my bedroom overnight.