I have been tagged by Woodpigeon.

So here goes. Though I suspect this is going to be more difficult than it looks . . .

  1. Like Woodpigeon and a few others, I began my ‘online life’ on a forum started by Douglas Adams called h2g2. Also like Woodpigeon, I started my blog because h2g2 had been going through some changes that I didn’t feel comfortable about. So at first the blog became an extension of what I had been doing on h2g2, but with more personal freedom (being able to edit posts and comments, upload photos and also being able to say fuck whenever I felt like it 😉 ).
  2. It’s a creative outlet. I enjoy coming up with topics that I hope other people will also enjoy and find interesting, then finding a wee thumbnail piccy to go with it and sharing thoughts and ideas with those who stop by and comment. I suppose the response to my blog is also gratifying. Although I don’t think I do this to attract attention per se, I’m always quite chuffed when a particular post draws a lot of comments. So far I haven’t become addicted to checking out my blog stats, though of course I do look at them now and again.
  3. As well as keeping in touch with friends I’ve known for years (both online and in RL) I’ve met some wonderful new friends here and feel my life has been quite enriched by having met them. Compared to who one is able to meet in RL (which can be somewhat limited) I find that communication in the blogosphere really opens up the possibilities of finding individuals from all over the world who have a wide variety of interests and experiences. It’s also a wonderful way to not feel alone. I can come here any time of the day or night and find comments written, and then go off and read what others have written on their blogs and comment there. Quite often I just enjoy reading without commenting, which I’m sure many others also do.
  4. It’s sometimes a personal diary as I also write about things going on in my life and trips I’ve taken, as well as just some things I feel quite strongly about, like relationships & friendships and personal self awareness stuff.
  5. Finally, it’s just fun. I love talking and I love writing. So this is a great place to do both at once. 🙂

I shall now tag . . . Wandering Coyote, truce and Metro.

The untagged are welcome to share their reasons too.