A possible sequel to this and that

House CAT – Your average, “blogging about my life” blogger. May seem boring, but some people’s lives are strangely entertaining.

CAT-alyst – Blogs for change.

CAT-astrophe – Writes one of those god-awful blogs that you can’t believe anyone actually reads. I’m sure you’ve run across a few. Usually has more ads than content.

Copy CAT – The scraper and the splogger, who gets all of their content from other hard working bloggers. May not know what they’re doing is wrong.

CAT Burglar – Same as above, but most definitely DOES know what they’re doing is wrong.

Alley CAT – One who is teetering on the brink of becoming one of the two above. Hangs out is some poorly chosen back alley’s of the intertubez.

CAT-acomb – Has created a deep and winding archive that can cause one to get lost while exploring. Some interesting things may be found during the excursion.

CAT-apult – Constantly launching their blog to the next level. Sometimes stratospheric shots, sometimes short range hits.

CAT-echism – Religious blogger.

Scaredy-CAT – Afraid of offending anyone or saying anything that anyone would disagree with. In trying to please everyone, doesn’t please anyone.

CAT-aract – Writes so well that they cloud your own viewpoint. Tends to have raving fans, whether or not what they write actually has any clarity.

CAT scan – Posts aren’t really worth reading all the way through.

CAT-tle – Doesn’t have their own opinion about anything, and just follows what the crowd or the blogging cowboys say.

CAT-amaran – Currently riding a big wave of success.


How do you CAT-egorize yourself? Can you think of any more CAT-egories?

~ from Lorelle via letters ~