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The other day I was eating THIS AMAZING SANDWICH when it suddenly became “crunchier” than it should have been. Eep! Not to mentione Ick! Yep, a huge chunk of molar had broken off. Actually, I’d lost a smaller bit of the same molar a couple of weeks ago, off the other side, but as it was small I put off going to the dentist. Maybe a good thing if the other side was also ready to fall out? Or maybe it would have been prevented? Anyhoodle, it was off to the dentist today because the sharp shardy broken edge is ripping the side of my tongue to shreds.

My dentist – AKA the BEST dentist in Sevilla – always chides me for just coming in for emergency service, not for regular checkups. And he’s right. But it’s mostly because, well, dentists are expensive! And really, who wants to go to them anyhow? And frankly, while I’m waiting on results to see if I’m healthy, why spend money on teeth?

Anyhow, back home now with the left side of my face still frozen up to my eyeball. Tongue and lips also still feeling thick and numb. And it cost me 140 euros for two fillings (actually, this is a good price, just bad timing in terms of no work no money). Especially as the fillings were kind of major reconstructions… my guy always tries the cheaper route before saying “YOU NEED A 500€ CROWN”. So now we will see if these fillings stick. Apparently the teeth are pretty much destroyed but we live in hope.

So how’s your Tuesday going?