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So back on March 10th 2020, just three days before LOCKDOWN I got a filling replaced. Actually more like half a tooth (molar) and the next door molar also had to be reconstructed a bit. My dentist told me at the time that if this one didn’t last then I would have to get a crown. And I was thinking things were okay until Sunday night when a big chunk of filling came out while I was having dinner. Ick.

And so I will be seeing my dentist on Wednesday to hear the verdict, but I’m already thinking that if he recommends a 500€ crown I’ll just tell him to yank the thing out and I’ll deal with that. I mean, at this point so many of my fillings are old and fragile, and occupy most of the teeth they are in, so this could be the first of many such episodes. And as this is a back molar that won’t be visually missed, then maybe best to just have it pulled and save any expensive procedures for ones that matter more. We shall see.

UPDATE: my dentist was able to repair the tooth so no crown, no muss no fuss, what a relief!