I blame guspemar . . .

Seriously. I mean, I haven’t owned a vacuum cleaner for about 25 years.

It all started a few months ago when Agustín offered me an old armchair he’d no longer need after the renovations on his house were done, which would fit perfectly in Peter’s new study/office. This used to be known as ‘Lua’s room’ (previously my sewing room and for awhile it was also a cutting room when we were doing production for the clothing biz). These days it looks similar to the sewing room pic but with a long white table in it (and no clothes rack). And so having a nice comfy armchair in there for Peter to read in while I’m either teaching in the living room or we both feel like enjoying some private space seemed like a good idea.

Well, yesterday was the day to pick up the armchair and afterwards we decided to get some of that upholstery cleaning foam stuff and give the bits of the chair that didn’t unzip and fit into the washing machine a good scrubbing. Except the instructions on the foam stuff tin said that after the material had totally dried it would need to be either brushed or vacuumed. And I kid you not – I couldn’t find a brush at Corte Inglés! And being ‘Feria Saturday’ most other shops were closed.

Then on the way out of Corte Inglés there just happened to be a big display of vacuum cleaners, hitherto unnoticed, and this little Electrolux baby was on super oferta. And so like … a message from the gods or what? Peter, being an atheist, was dubious. And even I could see that this was either a serendipitous moment in which several pieces of one of life’s puzzles suddenly fell into place or else I just felt like buying something.

When I put this question to Peter he replied … “There’s a difference?”

Between the two of us we also had just enough cash in our pockets and so that was the deciding factor. Well, that and the very nice saleslady who (once she heard I had cats) kept telling me that I’d never look back. She was really cracking me up… 🙂

For the record, I’ve had either marble, tile or hardwood floors since I’ve lived in Spain. No rugs. So a vacuum cleaner never seemed like a necessity. But I was soooooo wrong. I have now seen the error of my ways. Because I must live in one of the dustiest houses in Europe. Dust everywhere all the time. Dust, dust, dust. And of course one of the fun things about a vacuum cleaner (I’d totally forgotten this) is that you can just aim whatever nozzle attachment here and there and dust is pulled towards it!!! You don’t have to fucking chase the stuff all over the room. It’s just like … wow.

Anyhow, that pic shows actually what the new beast looks like – the Electrolux Cyclone XL. Cute huh? No bags. Everything comes apart and is washable, including the filters. And it has a cord that reaches halfway round the flat – bonus! – which retracts at the push of a button (according to Peter, with the swiftness of the egg creature in Alien, but in reverse). Well, hopefully I won’t come home one day and find it attached to his face … but I seriously think it’s going to be amazing for tackling cat hair tumbleweeds. Might even ‘nip that issue in the bud’ as it were and start vacuuming the cats. I actually think that Azar would like it, total weirdo that he is.

Oh, am I rambling? I suppose there is only so much one can say about a new vacuum cleaner. Let me know if I missed anything, okay? Like maybe that bit over in the corner … ?