Can anyone help me with this?

I have three self-hosted WordPress blogs (azahar-sevilla and the two tapas blogs) that are running on a very old WP version and I would like to upgrade them to the present 2.7 version.  I was given some very helpful information by Pauline, who informed me that because my version is so old (2.2.2) I would have to upgrade in increments. She also sent me this link so I could download the in between versions (2.3 and 2.5). And then I came across this support forum page in which whooami explains the steps needed to recover a blog after a failed upgrade, which also explains how to upgrade in imcrements.  But I can’t seem to get it enough to dare making the changes myself. And this kind of needs to be done before I can start with this week’s “baby step tasks”.

f_grovel.gif Pretty please?