So okay, just work with me on this one …

Today I was at the Corte Inglés supermarket with Nog, getting a few things for tomorrow’s “baby step brainstorming” lunch with Pip. Being a Saturday morning the queues were just awful, so I asked Nog if he’d mind waiting in line while I nipped upstairs to have a look at the computers.  And ten minutes later I was in love!

Meet the HP 2133 mini.  Tiny and perfect, 8.9″ widescreen, 2 GB ram, 160 GB memory … and an almost full-sized keyboard. In short, the ideal item for taking around to prospective clients to show them powerpoint presentations of the Sevilla Tapas blog.  It weighs about a kilo and can fit into a  handbag. And unlike last year’s heart’s desire, this one is 1/4 of the price … 500€.  If I take advantage of a VAT refund offered for both this and the iPhone, it would bring the price down to 400€.

Was chatting with Pip about this on IM earlier and she suggested that I use it as motivation to get some paying clients for the tapas blog in March, and if that happens then I can buy it … but the catch 22 there is that having this baby will actually help me to get more clients.  Imagine.  It’s always in my handbag, just like my camera always is, so whenever I’m out having tapas or whatever, if I happen to meet someone who might be interested in either the tapas blog, the clothing line or the computer classes I can whip out this little darling and show them my stuff on the spot. And it’s a given that it’ll be much easier to take “Pipe Dream” (Pip’s name for my newest heart’s desire) around for scheduled appointments.  Sexy Beast is not only massive with her 17″ widescreen, she also weighs about 5 kilos … and I’d really hate to damage her in any way.

So, whaddaya think? Should I get this on credit card now and say goodbye to Greece (which of course would have also been a credit card purchase) … because you can’t have everything.  And yeah okay, I suppose I could say goodbye to both, but wtf.  The Greece trip for me was already an almost given – a “fuck the expense, you only live once” kinda option.

It may sound crazy, but I would rather forgo a holiday and instead have something new in my life that could really help me with my biz plans. And anyhow, Beth says she’s coming here after Crete … right honey?

What should I do?


hp mini 2133