This is the rug I bought in Asilah last month – isn’t it pretty?

In fact, you can actually see it in this pic, on the left hand side near the table. It’s taken me this long to figure out what to do with it. Well, first of all I had to drape it outside over the balcony railing for about a week to air it out (not sure about washing it as I’m worried the colours might run) and then I tried it out in a couple of rooms. But rugs and plants don’t seem to do very well within reach of “the boys”, so I finally decided to hang it on the wall in the hallway between the livingroom and bedroom…

And what a difference it makes. Instead of a long white empty wall there is now this lovely splash of colour that really warms the place up. I’m also pleased every time I see it now to remember that afternoon in Asilah and how Susan & I honed our haggling skills, so that instead of paying 25 euros for this rug I got it for 12. Seemed like a good deal to me.