This is my fabulous laptop, aka Sexy Beast.

But although she is portable, I have actually never taken her out of the house and for the most part she either sits on the desk in the living room, or comes to bed with me when I am having my morning coffee. I have never dropped her, nor banged her against anything, and so imagine my horror when I saw THIS the other day …


(click to enlarge)

And I’m not sure what to do about it. It may just be cosmetic, or it may be something that, if it gets worse, might affect the performance of the screen. So yesterday Nog and I took SB out on her first outing, back to the shop where I bought her just under two years ago (and so there are still about two weeks left on the warranty). The guy at the shop said that SB would have to go back to Toshiba and that they would decide there whether this problem would be covered or not (I was told that they would most likely think the damage had been caused by me).

EXCEPT, the hinge on that side has always been quite stiff, and on occasion it makes a loudish crack sound when I open the lid. So I think it has to do with that.

But now I’m in a bit of a quandary because if I send SB in for repairs they said it would be about a month before I got her back again. A month without my laptop??!!! And to make matters worse, Nog’s laptop has been on the fritz the past couple of weeks (scary blue screen of DEATH issues again) so this would leave me … gasp! … with no internet connection at home. And okay, before the jokes start pouring in, I do actually need a computer here because so much of my work – and especially possible future work – depends on having regular internet access.

Has anyone ever had a similar problem with their laptop? Do you think I should just leave it or does it look like it might end up getting worse and fucking up the screen (which is the most expensive part of the computer)? I need to decide what to do before I start chemo on Thursday…