Have you ever seen such a handsome dude?

So it was back to the vet’s yesterday. As I mentioned in the “cat scan”  post, Sunny has been having continuing problems with constipation/diarhhea and occasional vomiting, which had started in July.  After explaining the symptoms to the vet on the phone last week she suggested giving him liquid paraffin for a few days, which had an immediate effect, but so much so that I ended up stopping the treatment. Then Sunny got all bunged up again. So there was nothing for it but to bundle him into the cat cage and taxi over to the vet’s…

I still haven’t figured out if going to the vet’s is more traumatic for me or the cat. Anyhow, they took an x-ray that showed a build-up in his lower colon and so Sunny was given an enema and an oral dose of paraffin (which I now have to continue once a day for a fortnight) and I was sent home with a special high-fibre food to mix with his other low-protein stuff.

There is a chance that Sunny is suffering from “feline megacolon”. If so, he will need some additional meds. But there is also a chance that the diet change and paraffin treatment will get his system back on track. Figures my cat would also have colon issues. But I am a bit less worried about him now, since whatever he has seems treatable. I am also 100 euros poorer – thank goodness for credit cards!

Cats, eh?

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