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Update on Sunny.
I think I may have created a monster …

To recap. Sunny was diagnosed as having something called feline mega colon in September, and it’s been really hit & miss trying to find the right combination of treatment for him. He still sometimes goes for days without having a bowel movement, but just when I’m ready to go through more vet trauma and take him in, he manages to go, and then we go back to waiting and watching. I know he isn’t functioning as well as he might, but I am loathe to keep bringing him back to the vet’s. I mean, he’s 16 now and the vet said the next step would be to give him an ultrasound to see if there is some sort of obstruction. But it just seems like his digestion has become very sluggish rather than being totally blocked. Meanwhile, I really do think I have created a monster. A fussy and totally spoiled pointy-eared monster who now only wants to eat when I spoon feed him…

It started back in August when Sunny went off his food and lost a lot of weight. I tried mixing various combinations of soft food to try and get him to eat. Also he had broken a tooth while chomping down on the syringe I was using to administer the paraffin, whichI think also made eating difficult (he’s just finished a course of antibiotics and is no longer favouring one side of his mouth when he eats). And so, to coax him into eating my new concoctions I would give him a bit on a spoon while talking to him and stroking his back … and well, he now just sits and stares at his food if I just put it in his dish, then looks up at me beseechingly until I scoop some up in a spoon and give it to him. Nog has also started feeding him this way, but Sunny seems to prefer waiting for me to spoon feed him. Good grief.

The good news is that he seems to have put a bit of weight back on and is eating quite well now. He’s getting the paraffin about twice a week, plus I give him a daily dose of malt, as well as a spoonful of bran mixed up in his wet food. Though he’s still not as regular as he should be. What do you think? Should I take him back to the vet’s?

Oh, and I don’t really mind spoon feeding him. It’s actually quite sweet, especially watching how much he loves the extra attention and having a big fuss made over him. My precious Sunny bunny. It’s amazing to me how much I love my cats. They somehow always bring out the best in me, bless them.

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