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From the Why Didn’t I Think Of This Before Department … today I decided to resurrect my cute little clip-on iPod shuffle and take it to the gym with me. What a difference it made! I’d totally forgotten about it after putting it on a shelf when I came home from my first operation. It was actually while I was putting new music on my “nero” iPod the other day that I remembered about the shuffle and so I also added some of my favourites to it (with just 1GB I have to be more selective).

Anyhow … wonderful! It not only blocked out the crappy shit they play on the stereo system at the gym, but I also couldn’t hear the pilates social club idiots yakking away … bonus! I also went a bit faster and farther on The Bike today. Well, who wouldn’t when listening to such fabulously energetic stuff as this…

Hey, does this also count as a T-shirt Friday pic?

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