These two guys are slaying me!

It’s just too adorable how they have become inseparable these days. And you can really see how Loki looks up to Azar as the “big brother”. He’s very monkey-see-monkey-do and tends to copy whatever Azar does, such as eating asparagus and grass. He also copies Azar’s favourite cuddle position in bed, and tucks his little nose under my chin (but on the other side of my head). The other night they were nose-to-nose like this, both of them purring away like mad, and I thought I would melt on the spot. Loki even submits to grooming by his big bro and they always siesta together now.

As for whatever was ailing Azar, having Loki around has really perked him up. He’s eating well now and his “dislocated shoulder” must have healed itself because the two of them tear around the apartment chasing each other like maniacs. So nice to see Azar getting some exercise! Meanwhile, Loki is a lean mean kitteh machine … he plays hard and sleeps hard. He also eats a LOT, and I think it was watching him eat all the time that got Azar interested in food again. So it turns out to have been a good match after all. Phew!

More kitteh cuteness below the links…

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Attacked in bed by ghostly apparition  …  oh hai!