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The boys have realised that tiles are a bit cooler than hardwood.

Though only somewhat. My goodness but it is HOT around here these days. The official temperature may say it’s “only” 40º, but that ends up being about five degrees hotter in the centre of town. It’s absurd weather.

But at least I don’t have to wear a fur coat. These two have really gone all floppy, as you can see. And I’ll have you know that the bathroom floor had just been washed! All smudges are courtesy of Loki who cannot just drink out of a water bowl – he has to dip his paws in and splash water all around the damn place and then walk in it. He also pushes the livingroom water bowl around with his nose. Weirdo.

Oh, and check it out. At just seven months old Loki is now officially bigger than Azar. And he’s still growing!

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