The night I had dinner in Málaga with photographer friend Michelle Chaplow and her husband Chris we went up to the rooftop bar for a drink first and Michelle took a few photos of “that blue” as it was getting close to sunset. She then attached my little Niko to her tripod and had me take a couple of shots of the cathedral (which had been turning out a bit fuzzy) and … wow! The images and colours were a lot sharper. Of course I couldn’t see myself lugging around a huge tripod for my tiny point & shoot camera, but I have since tried resting it on a flat surface, especially in dim light, with good results.

I mentioned this on Alejna’s blog the other day on her post called The Lazy Photographer (which she is not, btw) and she asked if I’d ever tried one of these small flexible tripods … and thus a brand new gadget obsession was born! I’ll have a look around the shops here for one, otherwise will have to order it online.

Has anyone ever used one of these?


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