Look! More gifts from abroad! This time from the marvelous Madam Teuchter, who met up with me when I was in London and we spent a lovely afternoon going for lunch, then walking around Covent Garden and Neal’s Yard before heading out to Kensington for a fabulous treat she had in store for us… getting our feet nibbled on by tiny fish! Well, I’m afraid that in my case those fish had their work cut out for them, and it didn’t help when I broke a glass shelf and sent them all scurrying to the bottom of the tank. They were so stressed that I had to be moved to another tank…

Anyhoo, Teuchter had also mentioned these gel socks to me and suggested I pick some up at Boots before I left (of course I forgot) and then yesterday I found a package in the post which included the socks, some heel balm and that very lovely card. Made my day!

So of course I put on the socks straight away after my post-gym shower, first slathering my heels and balls of my feet with the balm (the skin is totally shredded – those fish never stood a chance) and even wore the socks to bed. It says that after 7 days my feet will be all smooth and soft again … will let you know. That’s the down side of wearing sandals eight months out of the year, but now that I have this secret weapon I should be able to get through sandal season without having my feet turn all hard and crusty – and often cracked and bleeding and painful. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving!

Thanks, Teuchter! f_smooch.gif