“Kodiak”… geddit?

So it turned out that the sexy Toshiba camcorder I temporarily bought as a back-up camera while Niko is in hospital takes totally crap photos (though quite nice videos). Obviously not a good choice for a back-up camera, temporary or otherwise, I took it back yesterday after this baby arrived via Amazon. You see, a couple of weeks ago I met Graham (click on link – that’s him in the middle) at the EBE10 blogging conference, and when he wasn’t busy showing off his iPad he was telling me how great his Kodak zi8 was. According to Graham, it not only takes great videos (and has that really cool built-in USB thingy) but it also takes fab photos. But the day I was in the store looking for a temporary substitute for Niko I couldn’t find this camera – later Graham told me it was only available on Amazon – so I thought I’d try the Toshiba instead. Well, the one thing the Toshiba experience convinced me of was that having a proper videocam is actually a necessary work tool for me. And so, credit card a-tremble, I ordered the Bear.

Can’t wait to start filming and editing…