Well, I found it! Just by chance after my friend Flor sent me an email last night saying she’d seen a for rent sign up on a building around the corner from her place. So I called and it sounded wonderful – and also too expensive – but I thought it was worth looking at. And man, it’s perfect. Bigger than I was looking for with three bedrooms instead of two (though really one “bedroom” is more of an office space) and 100 square metres not including the massive terrace. On two floors without the dangerous-for-cats spiral staircase. Clean, freshly painted, unfurnished (yay!). Tons of light everywhere, and balconies. The kitchen has loads of cupboard space, the two bedrooms also have lots of closet and storage space. The drawback? The price! And I am so trying to rationalise and figure out how to say yes to this place. My maximum price was set at 750 euros, a hundred euros more than I’m paying now, but I was hoping for 700. But the thing is, this apartment is actually worth the price. Which is 850 euros, and which the owners say they are willing to lower to 800 euros and guarantee that price for two years.

And so, 50 euros more than my maximum price, and 150 more than I am paying now. To be honest, if Peter was working more and paying his share then I could afford it. This irks, because the whole point of sharing your dwelling is to cut costs – this is not happening for me at the moment. Another option is to rent out the “third bedroom” for a few months until things get sorted, to see if Peter gets his shit together. Because really, if I have to share the place then it makes sense to do it with someone who can actually pay, right? I can put up with three for a short time, but hey, there’s only one bathroom. And I know I can find people willing to take that room here on short-term rental, because the apartment is fantastic. And the owners know I’m in love with it, and have given me first option, though I have to decide this week.

Well, I guess you’re wondering what the place looks like. Here are some pics I took this morning with my iPhone that don’t really do it justice, and the apartment was still in the midst of painting and cleaning, and they’ll be hanging curtains, etc, but you can at least get an idea  (click on all the collages to enlarge)…

The entrance leads to the main floor of the apartment with a small bedroom to the right, all of which surrounds a pretty square of windows opening onto a glass-covered patio.

After you pass through the entrance corridor, the kitchen is on the right and you walk into the livingroom, which has three balconies. The bathroom is between the kitchen and main bedroom (mine!) which also has a balcony and massive closet.

And upstairs… well, this is to die for. As soon as I got to the top and saw all the bookshelves! I knew this was my home. Because this room not only opens onto a fabulous terrace but also is so full of light and would end up being my own personal space. A room of my own. The livingroom downstairs I could leave for Peter and the “maybe” third tenant.

Guys, I want this place so much I am totally aching with desire. Not sure how I’d pay a heftier deposit and moving fees yet … but was talking with Manu at the gym after I’d seen my new home and he told me I’d be crazy not to take it, and that it was important to “look ahead without fear”.  And I agree. Except I also have a PET scan on Friday. And goddammit, if I end up on chemo again, how can I afford to move anywhere??

So, whaddaya think?