I am about to eat my fifth pizza in the the past two weeks…

I think I usually eat pizza about once ever six months or so, but this moving biz just leaves things like time and kitchen availability so unpredictable that sending Nog out for a pizza for us to share seems like the quickest and most economical way for us to have something resembling a hot meal. This also includes the “pre-moving” period after the kitchen had been packed up and we were tired of sandwiches (though I guess a pizza really is just a fancier version of cheese on toast).

I thought our pizza days were behind us as we now have a fairly well-stocked fridge and most of the kitchen cupboards have been cleaned and organised. In fact, I made a lovely carbonara for lunch yesterday. But then the handyman came back today to do a few jobs, which meant me hobbling off to the hardware store to get this & that (Nog was out teaching), which took up most of the morning, and then there were some minor kitchen repairs that left that room unusable for another couple of hours… so more pizza.

But I have to say that the place is really coming together. It’s great that the landlords have sent the handyman over to make sure everything is in good working order. Apparently he has to come back tomorrow to take care of a few other things, and then we’ll be pretty much set up and it will just be a matter of UNPACKING.