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… that my new iPhone4 couldn’t get any sexier, I found this very cool ruby red matte iCoat. I never got around to buying a protective cover for the original Pippin, but the iPhone4 has a strange glass back on it that apparently gets scratched up like crazy, so when I saw this very pretty cover – and tried it on at the store – I knew it was for me. It actually makes the phone feel nicer to hold, more secure. And I really do love the red. It also came with a “free screen protector” which drove me nuts trying to get it on without any air bubbles or tiny bits of lint and cat hair getting stuck under it. Needless to say I didn’t succeed and finally ripped it off in frustration after a couple of days. In any case, after more than two years the old Pippin didn’t have a scratch on his screen, but the back casing was a bit scuffed up, so doubt I actually need a screen protector. Wish my photo could show the deep rich glow of the red – even the pics on the website don’t do it justice.

So now Pippin is not only protected but also looks way sexier. Win-win. And yes, I do happen to have a life, but it somehow includes being enormously pleased about little things like this.

I actually quite like the red version of this style too!