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For ages I would just roll my eyes at all the Angry Birds mentions on Twitter and elsewhere around the internets and feel smug that I was above such nonsense, but then one day curiosity got the better of me and  I downloaded the free version of the Original Angry Birds and tried it out. And then I saw they had a free version of Angry Birds Rio and thought I’d try that one too. Then today I actually PAID FOR a seasonal version. Well, it was all of 79 cents, but I knew then and there that I was hooked.

I’m not even that good at it, which was proved beyond doubt the other night when I let the seven-year-old boy in my Sevilla Tapas Tour group play Rio … he not only got through to the last levels but upped “my” scores considerably. He then proceeded to complete level 5 on Original Angry Birds in no time flat. I was still struggling to finish level 3. And if none of this means anything to you then consider yourselves lucky.

Of course now I really need an iPad because I also got Agustín hooked and I have to say that after playing Angry Birds on his iPad it’s very hard going back to the small screen.