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So remember back when I HATED this place, but after the scaffolding was taken down I found myself quite liking “The Setas“?  Well, the other day they finally opened the Mirador on top and Nog & I went up to have a look. Amazing. I was captivated as much by the cool curvy architecture as with the panoramic views of the city. I was also scared out of my wits at one point when, despite the barrier, there was suddenly just a sheer drop in front of me and seriously wide open spaces. Not the best situation for an agoraphobe like me. So I snapped a few quick shots of that particular view – in which I could actually see my rooftop terrace, including Loki sitting in the upstairs window! – and made it back to the “safety” of curvy structure around me.

I’m also amazed to discover that the Metropol Parasol (to give its proper name) is becoming one of my favourite places in town. The market is wonderful, as is the little bar inside that makes up super-fresh and super-cheap grilled or fried fish, and I’m looking forward to the other tapas bars and restaurants opening soon, including the one on top in the Mirador. If you’d told me this six months ago I’d have said you were nuts.

So, what do you think?