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Remember when my wireless laser mouse went all speedy gonzales on me? Well, I tried all the various things that people suggested, but it seemed that nothing helped. And it was driving me mental. So yesterday I stopped by FNAC to see if they had a cheap wireless mouse (Speedy cost almost 50€!!) and I saw this amazing offer. A nice Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse set for just 25€! And as I had a 10€ member’s voucher to spend I got it for just 15€. What a bargain. So now I have set Nog up with my old keyboard – he’s been using Sexy Beast since his old laptop died last year – and then thought to also try it out with Speedy. And wouldn’t you know it. The old wireless mouse seems to work just fine on Sexy Beast. Go figure.

Whatever. I now have a very cute and comfortable wireless keyboard and mouse that cost next to nothing, and which makes working online all day so much easier. And as Shadow only has three USB ports it’s much better to only have one in use for both. Now I just have to try and not buy that great looking multi-media Toshiba L655-1JV with a 4.5 hour battery that I saw while I was at FNAC…