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Was a time when we would sift through our old photos and select our favourites to save in pretty photo albums, or at least we would store them away properly to keep for posterity. In fact, a few years ago I had a go at doing this very thing with a couple of scary boxes stuffed full of old pics, some that I’d even brought over from Canada, and many from the UK. Well, they are still in those boxes. The job has so far proved to be too mind-numbingly tedious to dedicate a full day of my life to.

Then along came digital cameras and suddenly I not only had a few hundred old photos in a box to sort out, but also several thousand scattered throughout various files in my laptop. And well, today was the day. I sat myself down and did the first clean-up, which took about four hours. And I have to say I have a real sense of accomplishment, though some of the sub-files will need further editing. But at least now I know where everything is! What a great feeling.