twelve years ago… two years ago

It’s funny about friends…sometimes they come and go, other times they just go. But with my friend Pablo, it seems we keep looking for ways to stay in touch. I first met Pablito when he called me (about twelve years ago – or more!) to translate his CV. One thing led to another and we became good friends. Then we became friends that really got on each other’s nerves a lot because – let’s face it – we are both quite strong and stubborn personalities. But after a bit of breathing space we always wanted to see each other again.

Anyhow, after not seeing Pablo for about a year – other than the two times he met me for coffee at the hospital during my PET scan appointments (which was so appreciated!) – he called me yesterday to ask if I wanted to go for a lunchtime beer. Which ended up being lunch (his treat) and then he came over to see the new casa az. And it felt like he’d never been away and that, somehow, he belonged. Because he is someone I can be myself with, and I hope he feels the same. And friends like that don’t happen every day… sometimes it takes twelve years or more.