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Back in February I gave you a glimpse of my kitchen on the first day it was actually functional, but what you couldn’t see in that photo was that on the right hand side of the sink the washing machine was sticking out about 20cm (8 inches) into the room because that section of the counter is much narrower than on the other side of the sink, where there was a dishwasher that – I was told – didn’t work very well (I never tried it). Anyhoo, after getting the landlady’s permission to get rid of the old dishwasher I finally got the washing machine moved over to the correct sized spot, and put a small IKEA shelf thingy in the narrower spot … and what an amazing difference. Totally loving the kitchen now!

EXCEPT… I’ve had the dishwasher sitting outside my door for the past week. I tried getting it down the stairs with Nog but there was no way. Then I decided to ask my neighbour Giorgio (owner of Pérez) if he could help out but I could never find him home. So I stopped by his restaurant the other day and Giorgio and Simome both said they would take care of it for me. Still waiting for that to happen (I told them there was no real rush as the other neighbour on our floor is away on holiday) but I’m sure they’ll do it eventually.

Who knows…maybe in another couple of months the place with be in good enough nick to make a new casa az video!