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Since Jessica left last Thursday I’ve been here on my own at casa az and… I am just loving it! It’s like being on holiday but at home. While working.

I get up in the morning and open all the balcony doors, feed the cats, water the plants (look how lush my balcony spider plants are!), make some coffee in my little one-person bodum french press, fire up the computer and just enjoy myself and my apartment and my life.

You see, this is the first time I’ve been alone here since moving in and I think I really needed this week to be able to really bond with my new home and feel like it’s really My Home. I’m not alone all the time as Nog pops over a fair bit and I’m busy with clients, tapas tours and out running errands. It’s just a nice change to have a lot of extra time to myself and get into a whole new routine that feels like how I would live if I could afford to live on my own again. I’m sure I’d get lonely at times, but this hasn’t been an issue just for a week, and I’ve been getting into some good habits that I want to continue with. Nog moves back in on Wednesday and will then – I hope – get into his own work routine starting September.

Well, time for a short siesta and then I have to go out this evening and drop in on a couple of clients. Did I mention that I’m happy?