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A couple of weeks ago the tap outside on the terraza started leaking. At first I wondered if this might be the cause of my crazy water bills (not to be confused with my insane electricity bills) but it turned out that this leak wasn’t of much consequence. But it was still there. And while I’m pretty good at general home repairs and maintenance there are some things I’ve never had to do – like change a tap – and so I feel a bit out of my depth. I called the landlady’s handyman who’d recently done some work in my kitchen (and who also helped me move my washing machine), but he was busy on a job and had no free time for a couple of weeks. And I sure didn’t want to call in a professional plumber because my landlady had told me this was something that happened after I moved in so I’d have to pay for it…

Then my friend Pablo came to the rescue. He stopped by tonight and said the tap needed to be replaced and that he’d pick one up and do it for me sometime in the next few days. And it turns out he’ll also replace the crappy taps in my bathroom! Well, I’ll have to buy the taps, but he said he could do the work for me. I’m so happy because these taps have been driving me mental since I moved in and the landlady had her guy “fix” them while he was doing odd jobs, but basically they are old crappy taps and beyond repair.

Then, since Pablo seemed to know about these things, I asked about the possibility of changing the electric ceramic cooker (only 3 out of 4 burners work properly) to a gas one, and he checked around and discovered that the gas line was already in place so it would be a very simple installation. So now I’m all psyched about doing these few home repairs with Pablo’s help and advice. I’ll need to get a plumber to hook up the cooker (when that day comes) but meanwhile it’s so nice to have a “man about the house” who can help with these things. Even though he lives across town and I’ll end up paying him in carbonara dinners, it’s still a source of comfort.

Gracias Pablito!