I mentioned this little guy in yesterday’s post, as a possible new playmate for Loki. The idea of getting Loki his own kitten has been on my mind for awhile now because, although he and Azar get along well (most of the time), I know that it would be more fun for Loki to have a cat closer to his own age to play with. And so when I saw a poster in the street on Monday saying that the people who’d taken this little darling in were leaving Sevilla in two weeks and needed to find a home for him I decided to get in touch.

I went to visit the kitteh and immediately fell in love. He’s so tiny, can’t be more than two months old, and just gorgeous. Of course the problem with taking in a street cat is making sure it doesn’t have any contageous diseases and, after talking to Fani, the woman taking care of him, she agreed to pay for the tests and I said I would take care of vaccinations when he’s a bit older. But a phone call to Yolanda stopped us in our tracks. She said the kitten is probably too young for an accurate test result and, if I took him in now, I’d have to keep him isolated from the other two just in case until he could be properly tested. Then Fani said that she would take him in to Yolanda’s on Thursday to see if he could be given the test, otherwise she may consider taking him back to Greece with her.

So, we shall see. I had thought of holding off until winter to get a kitten, but when I saw this poster I thought “maybe this is my new cat!”. And after meeting him I’m still hoping that we can work something out. I mean, there is enough room for him here to stay in “quarantine” for a month or so. After going through all this worry when I took Loki in I realise how lucky I was the day I brought Azar home. I gave him a good scrubbing and checked for fleas (surprisingly he didn’t have any) and then had to give him de-worming medicine, but that was all I did. I didn’t realise I might be putting Lua and Sunny in danger. But now that I know the risks I can’t take any chances. Stay tuned…