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Featured in the window of Padilla Libros in Sevilla for years.
I finally bought one of my own, and one for a friend.

See (very loose) translation below…

It is said of this one that he demonstrates the habit of going from house to house and taking advantage. Has many offspring. Doesn’t keep to his own house. His meow is persistent and forceful. Eats everything and is hard to get rid of.

This is one who makes a living meowing at the people. Well-known for his commitment to dressing well. Tends to hold forth until he drops, for a couple of sardines. Promiscuous. Doesn’t listen to anybody.

Distinguished by his talents as an observer. Is uncommunicative and usually takes a position from which it is impossible to budge him. Prefers good food and constant rest. Don’t bother while sleeping. Sleepyhead.

Usually intensely worried about what is going on around him. Always takes sides in favour of his owner. Fits in anywhere and is easy to put a bell on. Do not invite him to dinner. Prone to gluttony.

Complains about everything. Always ready to receive praise and honours. Eats abundantly and usually meets with his cronies in order to meow. Sometimes wobbles. Pass your hand along its back. Anthologist.

Represents his rooftop and goes to all the parties and banquets. Never has time to discuss the matters of mice. Office highly esteemed by the brown cats. Sardines undercooked. Basket with rug.

Hearer of cries, without finding solutions, for a few thousand sardines. Only available afternoons and evenings.Takes in strays. It has two cat flaps with good pantries, and an angora intern.

Distinguished by his concern to brighten the lives of his owners. Eats little and plays with whatever it takes to not go unnoticed. Give him sweet wine from time to time. Always in heat. Sleeps in strange beds.