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Last year I had a slight sandal dilemma when I bought these Mephisto sandals because my usual size seemed a tiny bit short, but the next size up was way too long. So I went with the usual size and they were fine but, because they were my only sandals last year (and I wear sandals from March – October) they are pretty much worn to a nubbin.

The problem is that all the Mephistos this year are either waaaayy ugly or else the same as last year. In order to have something new and comfy to wear (the shredded insoles on the old ones also shred my feet!) I bought a pair just like these, though they aren’t the best for walking as they don’t have a back strap.

In desperation I started looking online and found a place in the UK that stocks the model shown here, which I think look nice and also look like they’ll be comfortable. It’ll cost me 10€ to have them shipped here, but that’s not my dilemma. What if they don’t fit right? I’ll end up paying shipping charges twice and still have no sandals. Though I’m pretty sure I’ve had this style before, or something similar. Having very hard-to-fit feet is it foolish of me to even consider ordering sandals online?