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Time to bite the bullet and spend most of the afternoon doing what I’ve been dreading… cleaning out my photo files. Yes, I know I could just delete entire files without looking at them since I have them backed-up on an external hard drive but I’m loathe to do this for two reasons: the hard drive back-up might fail, and I prefer having easy-access to all my photos by keeping them in the laptop files. But poor Shadow is clearly overburdened and has been slowing down a lot lately. Funny how I remember thinking how massive his 250GB memory was! These days the norm is 600GB.

Of course that is my other option – to upgrade my laptop. Which is probably what I should have done before splashing out on a new iPad, but that one has already sailed.

And so there will be several hours of mind-numbing tediousness ahead of me (after I get back from the gym). Here I go…