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hp photosmart printer 5520
These home jet-ink printers are basically a joke, and the joke’s on us. You can buy a basic model for about 60€ with ink cartridges included (though they aren’t as full as the ones you buy off the rack) and then subsequent ink packages end up costing almost as much as buying a new printer. Whatever. Looking back I saw that the last printer I bought was almost exactly three years ago, and to be honest, it never worked well (though it worked better than the previous one I had).

This new HP model sounds fantastic. It’s WiFi accessable – no more pesky USB cords – and I can also send stuff to print via email from my iPhone. How cool is that? I also got a special offer at FNAC today with a special 20% off for members, and this particular HP printer also included a “gift pack” of 3 ink cartridges and some photo paper. And so I snapped it up, brought it home, set it up, and will now see how it performs.

Interesting when I read the post I linked to about the previous printer I bought. Back then, just three years ago when I was getting back to work after chemo, it was such a Big Deal to spend 65€ and I even mentioned borrowing from the tenant’s rent deposit to do so. Every penny I spent then was always balanced against this, that and the other. And although I’m hardly rolling in dough now I felt a sense of achievement to just be able to walk into FNAC today and pay cash for this new printer without batting an eye. Good to get a deal though. The ticket price was 99€, but with the 20% discount and the 30€ ink-pack gift it ended up half price.

What was the last great deal you got when buying something?